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Ag Lines of Credit

Borrow by the Bushel

Pull funds when you need them and pay us back when you can. This setup gives you the power to plan your sale of inventory on hand around optimal market conditions.

Operating Lines of Credit

With our operating loans and lines of credit, you’ll find flexible lending choices to help with crops, livestock purchases, repairs, supplies and other operating expenses. We have the ag banking know-how to help you grow as well as provide fast access to funds for the annual and seasonal expenses that come up.

A revolving line of credit allows you to borrow and repay funds as it pertains to your specific cash flow, while a non-revolving line of credit — also known as a line of commitment — represents a one-time use on the set limit of funds.

Construction Lines of Credit

If you’re planning on making building improvements for your farming operation — barns, free stalls, shops, sheds and so forth, look no further! A construction LOC gives you the flexibility of having funds available when the money is needed. Our flexible terms include the option of terming out the construction loan upon completion.

Sweep Lines of Credit

Tired of moving funds back and forth, worrying that you’ll miss something and a check will bounce? Let’s set up a sweep line of credit!

A sweep line of credit connects to your checking account. We’ll work with you to determine what dollar amount your checking account should stay at. As long as there are funds remaining in the LOC, we’ll make sure your balance stays where you want it. For example, if a check gets written and there are insufficient funds, the sweep will automatically supply the necessary funds plus extra to get your balance back where you want it. Then, when you make a deposit, the sweep will automatically move any excess to pay down your loan. This gives you more peace of mind and can save you interest paid.

Ag Line of Credit Calculator


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