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Business Lines of Credit

Borrow Only What You Need When You Need It

Working Capital Lines of Credit

Our revolving lines of credit help provide working capital for your business. Access funds when you need them and pay them back when your business cash flow is strongest. We offer both operating and construction lines of credit.

Letters of Credit

We offer various types of letters of credit to meet your needs. Whether you need a standby letter in lieu of a security deposit or an international standby LC for your import or export, PSB can help!

Floorplan Lines of Credit

PSB helps customers finance floorplans with revolving credit lines in various industries, such as cars, boats, UTVs, modular homes, RVs and more.

Sweep Lines of Credit

Tired of moving funds back and forth, worrying that you’ll miss something and a check will bounce? Let’s set up a sweep line of credit!

A sweep line of credit connects to your checking account. You determine what dollar amount you want your checking account to stay at, and if there are funds remaining in the LOC, we’ll make sure your balance stays where you want it. So if a check gets written and there are insufficient funds, the sweep will automatically supply the necessary funds plus extra to get your balance back where you want it. Then, when you make a deposit, the sweep will automatically move any excess to pay down your loan. This gives you more peace of mind and can save you interest paid.


Business Line of Credit Calculator

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