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We chase bounced checks so you don't have to. 

If you’ve got better things to do than write collection letters and make phone calls, it’s time to leverage our ReSubmitIt® Electronic Check Recovery Service. ReSubmitIt® automatically and discreetly resubmits checks returned for non-sufficient funds, completely behind the scenes. The process is federally authorized, approved by NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association, and is handled electronically via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. Plus, as we recommend you inform your customers at the point of sale or via documentation, it can also serve as a deterrent. 

The first step is to open a Business Checking Account with us and second, let your Retail Banking Representative know you are interested in ReSubmitIt®. There is zero cost to you. There are absolutely no set-up fees, no equipment purchases, and you can opt-out anytime.

Here’s how it works:

When your business receives payment in the form of a check, you deposit it into your Peoples State Bank Checking account. If it’s returned for non-sufficient funds, there’s no action needed on your part. Just relax and let us handle it.

  1. We’ll submit any returned paper checks to the ReSubmitIt® check processing center. 
  2. At the processing center, eligible checks are converted into electronic transactions for re-presentment to the check writer’s bank account for collection. Submissions are carefully timed to coincide with the availability of funds in the account. This improves the chances of collection. 
  3. If the item is not recovered on the first electronic re-presentment, it’s scheduled for a second electronic re-presentment. In total, a check can be presented three times. First, as the original paper draft that bounced, then a second and third time electronically. If the third re-presentment fails, the check can either be sent on to ReSubmitIt®’s free secondary collections unit or returned to your business.
  4. On a daily basis, upon settlement, 100% of the face value of each check will be automatically deposited into your bank account. Then, ReSubmitIt® charges the check writer a state-regulated fee.

Monitor the collection progress online.

Returned checks requirements:

What happens to an ineligible check?

The check will be returned to your business if:

Are there exceptions?

Yes. Although business checks that equal or exceed $2,500.00 are not eligible for electronic re-presentment, ReSubmitIt® can process business checks written for less than $2,500.00 using alternative collection methods. 

Get started.

If you have questions about using the ReSubmitIt® Electronic Check Recovery Service, please contact your local branch or call 1-800-280-1074.


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