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Samantha Connor

Samantha's Story

Sam grew up a small-town girl, has interned with the House of Representatives in D.C., and is pursuing a Juris Doctorate degree. Sam is passionate about standing up for those who need a voice and loves spending time with her dog, Jackson.

Pictures of Samantha

Born and raised in Prairie du Chien, Sam has always wanted to go places. She has been a student employee at Peoples State Bank since 2011.

“At the age of 8, I wanted to be an attorney. Most children change their minds and go through phases, but I never did. As I grew older, I only became more passionate about subjects such as law, politics and history.”

Sam is passionate about standing up for those in need of a voice and making sure justice is upheld. She loves sharing facts and strives to grow and learn as an individual every day.

After visiting Washington D.C. for the first time in 2013, she declared it her favorite place thus far. Sam interned in Washington D.C. for the House of Representatives and has since been there four times. She was fascinated by her experiences.

“To say that I enjoy the monuments and museums is a huge understatement. I would walk through the side door of the Supreme Court, going through all the security, just to walk between the front pillars and down the marble stairs…several times in a day.”

Sam, like many other people, has moments when she feels that technology is not on her side. She was hesitant to download the Peoples State Bank mobile app.

“I didn’t see a need for it at first; I would rather just call the bank when I need something.”

However, that became a big inconvenience when her available hours did not coincide with business hours. She found little time between school, work, and her student organizations to call and often did not have her laptop on her to use Online Banking. So she decided to give the mobile app a try.

“Now I use it all the time! When I need to know my balance…PSB mobile app. When I need to transfer money…PSB mobile app. When I need to know if something cleared…PSB mobile app. When I need to deposit a check…PSB mobile app. It saves me a lot of time, but the best part is I can do all of this at any time during the day!”

Before getting into the routine of checking her accounts on the mobile app, Sam experienced fraud on her account. Due to this incident, Sam likes to only use one of her debit cards.

“I frequently use the mobile app to check the balance on that particular account and transfer the appropriate funds. In fact, just this weekend I was in Green Bay and used the app several times. ”

Sam is a recent graduate of Marquette University with a double major in political science and governmental-corporate relations and will soon be headed back to school to pursue her Juris Doctorate.

“When I first moved to Milwaukee, I thought I would not be able to be a customer anymore because I was so far away, and Peoples State Bank did not have any branches in the area. Due to this thinking, I did go and open an account elsewhere, but I found myself only using my Peoples State Bank accounts….with no troubles. I have Online Banking, the mobile app and the great immediate customer service to thank for that.”

Sam does not know where her future endeavors will take her; regardless of location, she is confident that the Peoples State Bank mobile app will suit her needs.

Sam is excited to begin this new chapter of her life, to meet others with similar passions and to continue pursuing her goals.

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