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Tristain Sparks

Tristain's Story

Tristain is a nursing student at Viterbo and a Seneca Graduate. He cares about others and loves kids.

Tristain has lived his whole life near Seneca. He enjoys the small town feel and how everybody knows everybody. Seneca is where he went to school, and ever since he can remember, Peoples State Bank in Seneca has been where he banked.

“As a kid, I remember going through the drive-through and getting stickers and candy. What kid wouldn’t love that!? And around Christmas time, I liked to go into the bank with my dad because of the Christmas tree, cookies, and milk, and I liked figuring out that sliding block puzzle.”

When Tristain was 11, he received his first phone — a flip phone. He upgraded to a sliding phone a few years later and eventually got his first smart phone.

“I admit it. I’ve gone through quite a few phones over the years. One was put through the wash, a few I wore out, and sometimes I just needed to upgrade.”

When the Peoples State Bank mobile app came out, Tristain downloaded it within the first month.

“I spent over a year as a student teller at Peoples State Bank, so I was one of the first to hear about the app. It came at a good time of life for me. I only had a few more months left at home before heading to college. There were already going to be a lot of changes and having the app helped me to stay here instead of switching to a new bank in La Crosse. I’d grown up at Peoples; it is what I am comfortable with, so finding a new bank and switching wasn't something I really wanted to do.”

For Tristain, moving to a college dorm was the first time he’d ever moved. Life was changing. A new job, new roommate, new responsibilities, new classes, teachers, and classmates — it would take some adjusting.

“I was excited to get out on my own for sure but really didn’t know what to expect. Now I’ve been at Viterbo a few months, and I’ve been getting used to the new routine and lifestyle. I’m working at our fine arts center and get along with my roommate just fine. Even the classes aren’t as bad as I expected, but there is more homework than in high school.”

If Tristain hadn’t been a student teller, he probably wouldn’t have downloaded the app as fast.

“Working at the bank means I hear about all the new things that come out. I don’t know if I would have even known about the app yet if it weren’t for that because let’s be honest…I really don’t look closely at my statements and bank announcements. I used to just check my balance every once in a while online. Now I do it regularly with the app.”

Looking over the past few months, Tristain realized the app has already saved his butt a few times.

“When I was going shopping for college and needed to put a payment down, I knew my checking account was getting low. I checked my balance and did a quick transfer from savings to cover the down payment. It definitely helps me avoid overdraft fees.”

As Tristain continues with his nursing classes in La Crosse, the future is still uncertain.

“I really want to work with kids, but I’m not exactly sure how yet. For now, I’m just taking it one step at a time.”

Tristain also enjoys playing volleyball at the school, socializing, and coming home to hang out with his family and friends.

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